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Random Fangirl Ramblings…

True Blood: Night On The Sun – Episode Fangirling (Spoilerish)

Okay, so you could kind of sum up this episode by saying there was boy kissing, girl fighting, and equal opportunity sniffing. 

It annoys me to no end that Sookie is constantly so blind when it comes to Bill. 

Does it amuse anyone else that Jesus is so worried that Lafayette will go Dark Side?

I feel that I must mention that Eric shirtless is amazing! 

Basically, Russell is Rollo Tomasi.

Next week’s episode looks like it is going to be exciting.


RL Update…

I have placed a moratorium on any more bad things happening.


Random Fangirl Ramblings…


 This movie was bizarre and awesome. I love the effects and that they actually did most of it instead of just using CGI. 


I watched a behind-the-scenes thing that showed the entire set spinning 360 degrees while they did the fight scene. Seriously Awesome!

I adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a three piece suit. Gorgeous.

I treasured the Arthur / Eames banter and I could have watched it for hours.


True Blood – I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

I giggled so hard when Lorena and Sookie got in their little girl fight, but nobody disrespects Godric. 

I love Eric putting his hand over Sookie’s mouth to shut her up. 

Franklin in silk pajamas is too funny and so very, very creepy!    

Seriously, Lafayette and Jesus…longest build up to a kiss ever.

It seems all the characters were trying to out melodramatic each other.

The upcoming episodes look like they will be exciting. 


RL – Strikes Again…

I received a condolence card Saturday. I have gotten condolence visits, calls, texts, and facebook messages. The actual card I was unprepared for, something about the weight and the feel of the cardstock, it was pretty much like being hit in the stomach.   

 One of my co-workers is being completely ghastly. She does these “just checking to see if your okay” texts and immediately follows it up with trying to get information from me so she can gossip. I hate drama and I -DO NOT -have the energy for it.

Thnaks for letting me vent LJ.



MISERY - intense unhappiness, discomfort, or suffering; wretchedness

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